31 October - 01 November 2021

In Varano de' Melegari


vini de vignaioli


From 9 to 12 – Castle of Varano de' Melegari

Round table moderated by Samuel Cogliati

Nature Project – BEYOND BIO

Luciano Gastaldi, head of the Supra Molecular Technology (SMT) project, will illustrate the new technology developed by IED ITALIA of Cuneo, which through precise wavelengths allows to obtain a product that performs in use but is totally ecological and non-polluting, as it is free of residues.

Starting from the assumption that the raw material of being such is energy, the laboratories of IED ITALIA have managed to self-organize water molecules with the wavelengths of copper obtaining a double result:

1) the water actually assumes a copper content, notoriously useful for its phytosanitary properties;

2) the water in question has in all respects a copper action on plants.

With a simple chemical laboratory examination – a spectrometer – it is possible to ascertain the presence of copper in all respects, but by sending the water into evaporation and analyzing the fixed residue you also get the counter-proof that copper is no longer present, leaving no residues this water therefore does not pollute.

Will we stop at copper alone? Will there be other developments? Could we expect to also have herbicides with this same technology?

During his speech Luciano Gastaldi will also illustrate the prospects of this new technology.